Adv. Niranjan Davkhare

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Work Accomplished

» Government-aided and non-aided educational institutions in Maharashtra should be provided electricity at discounted (low tension) rates.

» The construction of the proposed 1.5 km-long dam, Mauje Ladghar (in Dapoli, Ratnagiri district) should be started immediately.

» A decision should be taken regarding the declaration made by the Mumbai Municipal Corporation pertaining to mobile towers.

» A senior accountant should be appointed in the Thane District Office of Provident Funds.

» The ongoing project work of the Yashasvinagar-Mumbai University in Thane district needs to be fast-tracked and completed without delay.

» The Government should implement a clear-cut policy regarding injustice towards women/children. Strict action must be taken against the culprits immediately.

» The annual income earmarked for the deprived sections of society must be raised to Rs. 3 lakh from the present Rs. 1 lakh. This will allow those students, who are genuinely underprivileged and needy, to avail of academic freeships.

» Action should be taken against the administration’s sudden decision to raze down the Maharishi Valmiki Dnyanmandir in Thane district, without any prior notice.

» A suitable action plan must be drawn up to help the students affected by the incomplete examination sheets in the B.Com examination conducted in Majiwade College.

» Students who have applied for the Leaving Certificate must also be issued the caste certificate.

» Students of the Bhiwandi’s Aksa Urdu Primary School for Girls should be granted 100% aid. Furthermore, the D.C.P.S forms of the school teachers employed there since 1994 need to be completed.

» The slow speed of servers prevented thousands of students in Maharashtra from applying for admission to ITI’S, using the online application facility. The last date for application should, therefore, be extended to help these students.

» Instead of the co-operative housing societies, a request to set up a separate department, the Urban Development and Housing Board was made. This government must consider this and implement it.

» Mrs. Nalini Kulkarni, who retired as a teacher from L. K. High School, Chunabhatti, in Mumbai, should be granted compensation, along with other related benefits, appropriate for a teacher of the status of a "Trained Graduate."

» The Government should immediately address the salary issues of teachers and non-teaching staff of the Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya, run by government-aided and private organizations.

» The Thane Municipal Corporation should improve the amenities and facilities for the travellers of the State Transport bus station near Thane Railway Station. The administration should also work towards improving the condition of the roads.

» What is being done to ensure that the workers who are engaged in social activities in far-flung, remote areas inhabited by the Adivasis, and who deserve more incentives, receive a standard and uniform compensation? If nothing has been done, what is the reason for this delay?

» The license granted to the Adivasis for mining in the Thane area has been revoked. Has the Government taken appropriate action to grant the Adivasis licenses for mining and transportation?

» The administrative bodies that were set up to ensure employable education and vocational training to young people are not living up to expectations. Effectively, Rs. 20 crores worth of funds are thus lying unused. What steps are being taken to ensure that these schemes are being implemented?

» Kalyan (East) is facing a serious problem of acute water shortage. A proposal was drafted in 2008 to ensure that the current 650 lakh litres of water availed by Navi Mumbai would be channelized to Kalyan-Dombivli. What has become of this draft proposal?

» An entire belt in the Konkan region, comprising the districts of Sindhudurg, Ratnagiri, Raigad and Thane, are witnessing large-scale transfers of teachers. The transfer orders are normally issued around July, which is when the schools reopen. As a result, this causes great inconvenience to the students. Concrete steps need to be taken as soon as possible.

» It is not fair on the part of the State Government to issue ad hoc transfer orders to teachers using the service rules as a threat and hence, putting the students at risk. A rethink must be done in regard to these transfers by revoking the transfer orders for the current academic year and bringing them into practice only from the following year.

» The water being supplied to one particular building in the Takoli Mohalla in Kalva of Thane district was found to be extremely muddy and unhygienic. This has posed a grave risk to the health of the inhabitants of this building. The Government should take immediate cognizance of this.

» It is of paramount importance to provide homoeopathic medicines and medical care to the Government-run hospitals. As a result, the B.H.M.S doctors in the state will receive significantly better opportunities to render their services. Besides this, the rural population will also benefit from better medical facilities and this will also reduce the prevalence of superstition amongst the rural populace..

» There is a continuing demand for lifting the restrictions on workshops and for modifying the pay structure of teachers, who work as counsellers. Even the Fifth Pay Commission’s recommendations were not applicable to them. On a previous occasion, the recommendations of the Pay Commission had been implemented, but again, they were denied their rights in the Sixth Pay Commission. It is imperative to implement some alternative arrangement.

» SThe Tax Department of the Thane Muncipal Corporation had appointed graduates across eight divisions on a temporary basis, for a period of six months. The Government should seriously consider taking on board all these employees and making them permanent employees.

» The Forest Department and the Sahyadri Tiger Project have demarcated buffer zones in this region. However, some of the restrictions imposed due to these demarcated buffer zones have proved to be unfair. The common man should not be made to suffer unnecessarily because of the creation of these buffer zones.

» For the last twelve years, many teachers in boarding schools, as well as part-time teachers, have been employed only on a part-time basis. The failure to make them permanent must be addressed with top priority.

» Several farmers from Mahu, Hatge Ghar and Vang Marathwadi in Satara district had granted their personal land to the Government so that a dam could be constructed on the acquired land. However, these farmers have still not received any compensation for this and neither have they been rehabilitated. In lieu of this lapse, a minimum of Rs 1 lakh must be given to them, in addition to a livelihood allowance.

» The areas of Cuffe Parade and Dhobi Ghat in Mumbai receive water supply only for a hour or two everyday. A request has been made to provide one new tap connection to every 5 to 10 households. Action should be taken on top priority regarding this.

» CIDCO had promised that it would hand over the houses of the Ghansoli Simplex Housing Project to the owners within a time limit of 5 years. But CIDCO has now stopped this due to delayed construction. This has caused great inconvenience to the Mathadi workers. A viable solution should be arrived at.

» The Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation has declared that 200 buildings within its jurisdiction have become risky and dangerous. No arrangement has been made for alternate accommodation for the residents. It is important to find a solution for this and implement it immediately.

» All the key people and consultants associated with the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan have done great work in spreading the impact of the movement. However, till date, only 2168 posts are allotted. The Maharashtra Primary Education Board, Mumbai, has set the pre-condition that all the candidates will have to re-appear for the test. This is grossly unfair to the employees.

» The Bhiwandi- Vada route urgently requires road-widening, which should be taken up on priority.

» Mumbai University’s Kalyan branch was inaugurated three years ago but it is not yet operational. Moreover, some encroachments have now begun to crop up here. The Mumbai University’s Vice-Chancellor had promised that funds would be made available within five months and work would commence, but what has become of this?

» Despite assurances to the recipients of the ’Best Teacher Award’ that two salary revisions would be implemented, no action has been taken since 2006. Despite continued reminders to the concerned authorities, no steps have been taken. Why?

» Mumbai’s Ruia College and Ruparel College have flouted the rules and have allowed private coaching classes to function in their premises. This is a violation of the School Education rules. Has the administration looked into this matter?

» Many schools in the state, particularly the private-aided institutes in Thane district, have not received their authorized funding. Has the state taken any measures to check this?

» It has come to light that the Akola District Council has allotted posts to Urdu teachers, which far exceeds the number required. In addition, reservations for the handicapped have not been sanctioned, and yet several handicapped personnel have already been appointed. Has the administration made suitable enquiries or held anyone responsible for this?

» Several complaints regarding encroachments on Government land have been registered. To this effect, a proposal was also sent to the Revenue Department to appoint anti-encroachment squads. What is the current status of action in this regard?

» In 1953, several tenements were constructed for the rehabilitation of migrants. Twenty-five of these buildings are in a dilapidated condition. What corrective measures are being taken? Apart from this, what procedures have the authorities adopted for the redevelopment of the old and damaged houses and slums in Kopri?

» Twenty-five buildings of the Shrirang Housing Project in Thane are in a highly dilapidated state. Despite a proposal being passed to undertake reconstruction, no action has yet been initiated. What is the reason for this delay?

» The Thane Municipal Corporation does not have a proper garbage disposal zone. The electricity plant at Kopri is also not functional. What steps has the administration taken to acquire a garbage disposal ground Thane and what is it doing towards more effective waste management?

» The Chief Treasurer’s office in Thane is understaffed, which causes a delay in the disbursement of pension to the recipients. Therefore, the State Government should create more posts for this service and avoid delays.

» The work on flyovers at Mauje Rajnoli, Vadpe Bypass and Mankoli (in Thane district) should be initiated immediately.

» Two workers were grievously hurt after a sudden explosion occurred at a steel-rod manufacturing unit at Tarapur, in the industrial area of Thane. It has been brought to everyone’s notice that this factory did not acquire the required permissions from the Department of Security. Has any action been taken against those responsible for this incident? Have the injured workers received any compensation or monetary aid from either the Government or the factory administration?

» Last year, bogus receipts/dues were submitted in spite of the fact that no development work was undertaken by the Public Works Department in the Vikramgad region of Thane district. Has an inquiry been instituted to study this matter more closely?

» The Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Hospital, in the Kalva region of Thane district, has 24 vacancies for the post of nurses. What has been done to remedy this situation?

» The court has passed an order prohibiting institutions that are registered with a Charitable Trust from accepting partial donations, because approximately Rs. 250 crores still remain unutilized. What is the reason behind this and what action has been taken in this regard?

» In Thane district, the buildings that are more than 30 years old should be granted increased FSI. A Repairs and Redevelopment Department must also be set up.

» In Ladghar- Bhandarwada of Dapoli Taluka, the water connection pipeline is still incomplete. Why has it not been completed? Has any corrective action been taken?

» In Kudal (Sindhudurg district), contract labourers of the Maharashtra State Electricity Board have not been paid their dues since 2013. Has an inquiry been instituted to look into this?

» With reference to the Bill (establishment and regulation) on private schools in Maharashtra :

The Schedule A of the Bill for privately-funded schools in Maharashtra has stipulated strict guidelines regarding the infrastructure of schools, the building structure, amount of land, etc. Along with this, it is vital that the standard of the teaching staff needs to be maintained. It is important to grant permission to institutions that have good infrastructure. It follows that if the standard of teachers is not high, the students studying in that school will not receive an education of high quality. If every school has its own website, this will bring that school, including the assembly hall and the auditorium, within the purview of the administration.

» From a speech relating to MLC Rule 101’s short-term discussion forum :

A seven-storied building located in the Lucky compound of Daighar, Mumbra, close to Thane Shilphata, collapsed like a pack of cards because the construction was of a very poor standard. What do the ward officers do to check such unauthorized constructions? Even today, several unauthorized structures continue to be built in this area. The concerned authorities turn a blind eye and are neglecting their duties. The poor people residing in older, unauthorized structures need to be relocated. This viewpoint and demand has been expressed by the esteemed members of both houses of the state legislature. I request the state administration to take cognizance of this. However, the pressing need today is that the Government takes strict action against the ongoing unauthorized constructions. How many more lives will be lost till the administration wakes up?

» From a speech made on the occasion of a discussion on the proposals in MLC Rule 260 :

I am speaking with reference to the proposed sub-centre of the Mumbai University within the precincts of the Thane Municipal Corporation and the Kalyan Municipal Corporation. Work on this sub-centre has been in progress for the last two years. The bhoomi poojan ceremony was performed but there is yet no sign of completion. It is essential to collect as many funds as possible from the administration to fast-track this project. The widespread destruction of the mangroves in Thane district has also been observed. The concept of establishing a new city beyond Thane city, close to Bhiwandi (on the Nashik highway), is gaining momentum. However, the land mafia has already taken advantage of this very concept and has embarked on a systematic ploy to destroy the strip of forest all along the coastal creek belt from Kharegaon to Mankoli, by using the method of landfill. In fact, just two to four years ago, this entire area was covered with thick Tivar forests. Now, it has been observed that deforestation, followed by landfill, has destroyed the natural habitat. The land mafia has obviously planned to create an unauthorized island by means of reclamation. There is a strong presence of a ’debris mafia’ all along the belt from Kharegaon, on the Mumbai-Nashik highway, to Mankoli. The forests that flourished all along this belt are being systematically destroyed by gangs of debris mafia who regularly dump the debris from Mumbai, Thane and Mira-Bhaindar here. In Bhiwandi especially, the large-scale and unauthorized construction of godowns continues unabated. With the exception of Vasai-Virar, all other Municipal Corporations suffer from a paucity of good transportation facilities. Buses ply without permission from Teen Haat Naka on the Ghodbandar road. This deprives the government of lakhs of rupees as taxes. For years, we have been hearing of the Thane Metro taking off. Yet, there seems to be no sign of this happening in the near future. Unauthorized constructions are rampant in Thane district. Due to the gross neglect on the part of the administration, a whopping 428 unauthorized buildings have sprouted in Mumbra in the last year alone.

» From a speech regarding proposals under MLC Rule 260.

The Board evaluation rules for students must be made more lenient. Also, the teachers’ appointments are being stalled using the board evaluations as an excuse. The vacant posts for teachers of science and mathematics have not yet been filled up. The same is true for posts being vacated due to retirement of teachers. As a result, the students are at the receiving end. There is no clarity regarding stipulations for running pre-primary schools, nor are there any precise guidelines laid down for fee structure and similar criteria. The discontinuation of wage grants signifies that appointments of peons are held up. As a result, teachers have to shoulder the responsibilities and tasks of the clerical staff. Under the self-financing system, the English-medium schools will be able to sustain themselves, but the Marathi-medium schools will find it difficult to face the situation. Therefore, in order to protect our mother tongue, Marathi-medium schools will have to depend on aid.

» From a speech made during a discussion regarding proposals contained in MLC Rule 260 :

According to official statistics released by the police, there has been a marked reduction in the incidence of chain-snatching. However, the cases of house burglaries have increased. Currently, there has also been a significant rise in kidnappings. This is cause for great concern and worry. From 2009 to 2011, the state of Maharashtra witnessed the disappearance of as many as 42,815 girls and boys. Out of these, the police managed to locate the whereabouts of 36,256 children. Another critical problem is the growing incidence of child criminals. The police are worried about their increasing participation and involvement in an alarming number of crimes. In association with this, it is also essential to examine if there is a drop in police morale. We must support the police force. Our state is blessed with a 720 km-long coastline, which requires a Coastal Commissionerait. The administration and the people’s representatives must stand by the police in fulfilling and performing their duties.

» Bill related to the Medical Council :

In Chapter I of the Bill, as per Section 2 (J), the meaning of ’Approved by the Medical Council’ means ’pertaining to any medical degree, diploma, certificate or syllabus subject to, and, abiding by the rules laid down by the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik, or with the approval of any other University or any institute approved by the State Government.’ Hon. Mayor, I would like to bring to your notice that the courses of DLMT, PGDLMT, advanced DLMT and BLMT fall under the aegis of Mumbai University, MSBT and the Yashwantrao Chavan Open University, whereas the MLT comes under the Maharashtra State Higher Education department. The names of these courses have not been included in the schedule of the Bill (Page No. 17). I request you to include these courses in this schedule.

Follow-up action was taken up on a variety of projects, related to peoples’ problems and concerns


» To provide the education to children in the tribal belts of Thane, schools were established in villages, which fulfilled the prerequisites of 30 students, and located within a 5-km radius.

» Initiated efforts towards ensuring that the teachers of Parshurao Dhondu Vidyalaya, Bhiwandi Taluka, Thane district, received their dues, pending since October, 2012.

» Helped 3 teachers from Shah Chandulal Swaroopchand Vidyalaya and Junior College to receive the salary due to them from the period of June to September 2011, November 2013, and from June to February 2013.

» Recommended an inquiry into the incidence of the sudden increase in fees of the Billabong High International School, Thane, and also the teachers’ salaries not being paid as per the Salary Commission.

» Recommended some changes in the criteria for school evaluation.

» Recommended that those children, whose parents’ annual income is less than Rs 1 lakh per annum, should be allowed a reduction in fees. Also, made the suggestion that this salary limit should be increased from Rs. 1 lakh per annum to Rs. 3 lakh per annum.

» The construction work of the sub-centres approved by Mumbai University remains incomplete because of inadequate funds. The Government should ensure that adequate finances are made available for this project.

» Sent several proposals to the Government regarding primary schools in Thane Zilla Parishad. These include the salaries of untrained teachers, provision of computers in every school, and provision of school uniforms by June 1.

» Like the teachers in private schools, teachers with more than 24 years of service must receive certain benefits like selection of teaching subject, encashing their leaves and part-time D.Ed teachers must receive a full pay package.

» Government-aided schools in Thane district should receive funds from MHADA for the construction of toilets.

» All retirement benefits should be conferred to those teachers, who have been in service since 1 July, 1972.

» Mrs. Nalini Kulkarni, from the L.K.High School, Chunabhatti, Mumbai, should be accorded her salary dues and other related benefits, as befitting the status of a “Trained Graduate”.

» A letter was dispatched to the authorities, requesting them to grant permission to the Bhoisar Education Society, Bhoisar, Palghar Taluka, Thane district, to enable them to start an English-Medium school.

» The concerned authorities were requested to grant approval to Classes 5 to 7 in the Khedsi Madhyamik Shikshan Sanstha, Ratnagiri district, which commenced in June 2011.

» A letter of request was also sent to the appropriate authorities to re-instate the Sanskrit curriculum for Class 6 and Class 7.

» Request for Hindi to be encouraged as a second language from Classes 5 to 10.

» The appointment of a part-time librarian in Shriram Vidyalaya, Pimpalgaon Malvi, Ahmednagar district, should be converted into a full-time position.

» Initiated attempts towards imparting vocational education in the Kalyan-Dombivli area.

» Strived to make demands to the administration for establishing housing colonies for teachers and sports hostels for participants.


» Follow-up on road construction from Mauje Murdav Marathwadi to Maruti Mandir (Sangameshwar Taluka).

» The 40- meter stretch from Pimpalpaar to Guravwadi was successfully tarred. Also requested the allocation of Rs 5 lakh funds from the MP fund towards this task.


» The construction of a rest-house for women at Thane Aagaar No. 1 was completed, with the help of the MP fund (2012-13).

» Proposal to immediately implement the ’Golden Hour Scheme’ to provide instant help and aid to those injured in accidents on the state highway.

» Made requests to the administration and followed up to ensure that the recommendations of the Renke Commission, which was set up to look into the demands of the Dhangar community, be implemented immediately.

» A 5% VAT is applied to readymade garments. This implies that a tax is imposed on a single product two times. This point was presented to the Finance Minister on behalf of the traders, under the leadership of Adv. Davkhare.


» Made suggestions to the Finance Department to guarantee a special package for the promotion and development of Konkan Tourism.

» The Deputy CM, Ajit Pawar, was requested to authorize a financial package in the state economic policy to create enormous employment opportunities by promoting tourism in the Konkan sector.

» Teachers in private schools in Thane district have started receiving their salaries on the first day of each month. This initiative was taken to iron out the technical glitches and to streamline the process.

» Initiated certain procedures, which would enable the Thane District Co-operative Bank to render timely deposits of the teachers’ salaries in their accounts.

» Took the initiative to ensure that a teacher’s service record, along with all the relevant details, is accessible at the click of a button. This makes it easy to manage and access details like promotions, salary raise, retirement, etc., without engaging in any unprofessional conduct.

» The welcome move to appoint a full-time Superintendant for the Raigad District Salary Division has resulted in the teachers receiving their salaries on the first of every month.

» In Ulhasnagar, 14 teachers of the Ulhas Vidyalaya were denied a higher salary simply because the committee failed to reach a resolution. On the recommendation of the Deputy Director, these teachers are receiving an enhanced pay package from 22 March, 2013.

» Ongoing efforts to establish a separate University for three districts - Raigad, Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg.

» Schools in rural areas face a lot of problems. To improve the facilities and conditions in these areas, the introduction of a new package was proposed to the Education Department and the demand was put forward to the Agriculture Minister, Hon. Sharad Pawar.

» Took the lead in establishing a sub-centre for the Ratnagiri Education Deputy Director program.

» The school evaluation system was inspected.

» Took steps to ensure that the D.Ed teachers who have contributed more than 24 years of service can avail of the benefits of subject selection and encashment of leaves.

» Took initiatives to help Government-aided schools in Thane district to avail of MHADA funds to build toilets.

» Teachers in schools of Palghar Taluka were honoured with the ’Ideal Teacher’ award.

» Was instrumental in bringing more students under the fee subsidy, by fixing the criterion that the minimum limit of the annual parents’ salary be raised from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 3 lakh.

» Took the initiative in assuring full-time pay packages to part-time D.Ed-qualified teachers.

» Converted the part-time librarian post in a school in Ahmednagar to a full-time post.

Works Carried Out With Local Development Funds



» Provided 32 computer sets and printers for the schools and to the “Scout and Guides” offices in Sawantwadi and Kudal in Sindhudurg district.

» Funds were granted for the procurement of benches and desks, equipment for the science labs, and computers, etc., for schools in Vengurla, Malvan, Kankavli, and Kudal.

» Helped in purchasing science laboratory equipment for the school branch in Kankavki Taluka of the Vidyalaya Kasarde Vikas Mandal, Kurla in Mumbai.

» In Malvan, the Shrirameshwar Madhyamik Vidyalaya was able to purchase books and material for experiments with my help.

» Provided computers to the Rameshwar High School, Bamb, in Kudal Taluka.

» Benches and desks were provided to the Annasaheb Desai Vidya Mandir, Parule, in Vengurla Taluka.

» Five computers were purchased for the Dnyandeep Madhyamik Vidyalaya, Vayangni, in Malvan Taluka.

» Provided computers to the Malgaon English School, Malgaon.

» Constructed a cultural hall near School No.1, Vadosa, in Kudal Taluka.

» Benches were provided to the pre-primary School No.1 at Nadgive, in Kankavli Taluka.

Construction of Roads

» The following roads were surfaced and tarred :.

» The entire stretch between the main road at Tulas Kajarmali in Vengurla Taluka to Khetiwadi road.

» Road from Shivdav to Jadhavwadi (Kankavli)

» Zarap Muslimwadi road.

» The 300 m. stretch of road between Verlelingawatwadi to Fauzdarwadi.

» The 300 m. stretch of road between Naneli and Harijanwadi (Kudal).

» Tondavli- Talsheel stretch.

» The entire stretch from Nandos- Teliwadi to Bandhavwadi.

» Road from the Bandivde Khurd Koil main road to Harijanwadi road.

» Road from Karlacha Vahal to Dhadgewadi.

» Road from Kumbharmag water tank to Dinkar vasti.

» Road from Madyachiwadi to Marshewadi.

» Wadiwarwade Madhavwadi Kshetrafalwadi road.

» The stretch from Katta-Varchi Guramwadi to Varadkar High School and up to Sudhir Vaikar residence, in Malvan Taluka.

» Kusbe Bhagwati mandir, Palavwadi road, in Kudal Taluka.

» Road leading to Amberi Bhavai Mandir in Kudal Taluka.

» The Kanduri Deoolwadi road in Kudal Taluka.

» Vados Kolamwadi road in Kudal Taluka.

» The 300 m. stretch at Akeri Naneli Harijanwadi.

» Construction to the entire road from Camp MHADA, in Raman Vayangankar’s ward to Dhavdeshwar Mandir .

Social amenities

» Construction of the drainage line in Kasal market (Kudal taluka).

» Construction of a crematorium at Kalsuli Parabwadi.

» Construction of the Digas Cultural Hall.

» Construction of a security wall starting from the residence of Roshan Dalvai to the residence of Mohammed Dalvai, at Mirjoli in Chiplun Taluka, Ratnagiri district.



» Benches were procured and purchased for the following schools :

» T. T. Patil Secondary School, Tinwara, in Alibag Taluka.

» 43 benches for the Andhra Krantiveer Vasudev Balwant Phadke Secondary School, at Shirdhon in Panvel Taluka.

» 43 benches for a school in Poyanje, in Panvel Taluka.

» Kolad High School at Kolad, Roha Taluka.

» The Secondary School at Vangni, Roha Taluka.

» The Secondary School at Dadar, Pen Taluka.

» G. B. Vader High School & Junior College, Pali Sudhagad.

» Swami Vivekanand Secondary School, Majre, Jambhulwada, Sudhagad Taluka.

» A school in Khavli, Sudhagad Taluka.

Construction of Roads

» Installation of street lights on the stretch of road from the residence of Satish Kawale to the residence of Dr. Gore in Awaas.the residence of Narayan Pawar and the residence of Lakhu Patil at Sadavli, Poladpur Taluka.

» Repair works were carried out on the stretch of road between


    » Concretization of the road between the residences of Poonam Jadhav and Police Patil, at Poladpur.

    » Road construction from Mauje Mohot Bridge to Mohotkonda, in Mahad Taluka.

  • Purchase of computers for the Police Superintendant, Raigad-Alibag.


» Construction of Roads

» Surfacing and tarring of the road stretch from Mauje Nandoshi Phata to Ramvardayini Mandir, Khed Taluka.

» Construction of a security wall between the residences of Roshan Dalvai and Mohammed Dalvai, at Mirjoli in Chiplun Taluka, Ratnagiri district.

» Surfacing and tarring of the road at Savardesurvewadi, Chiplun Taluka.

» Tarring of the road between Kadvai, Kinjalkarwadi to Dhulapwadi, Sangameshwar Taluka..

Civic Amenities

» Digging and construction of a borewell at Prachitgad Secondary School, Karbhatle, in Sangmeshwar Taluka.


» Mahapoli Educational Charitable Trust.

» Took the initiative in procuring the equipment required for the science laboratory in Mahapoli Educational Charitable Trust, Mahapoli, in Bhiwandi Taluka.

» Shri Yogesh Tatoba Jankar, Corporator- Thane Municipal Corporation The required funds were raised for the maintenance and construction of an Adivasi garden and the surrounding areas and for keeping the surroundings clean in the premises of the Balvidyamandir grounds. Efforts were made to make this area suitable for the local residents and to use it as a stroll path.

» Construction of toilets for women at MSEB, Thane division.

» Mrs. Kanchan Lund (reference to Nanda Jethani)

» Construction of a 350-cc road from Kalani Society in Ulhasnagar’s Panel 32 Ward B to Dr. Mundada’s Ramrata Hospital.


» Individuals are the result of holistic education, which is necessary to create the right kind of employment. Employment means not jobs alone but a base that will provide a strong foundation to the hopes and aspirations in the form of opportunities and professional avenues. I am duty-bound to make this possible.

» Pralhad (Baba) Kadam, Palghar, Dahanu Taluka

» Surfacing and tarring work on the stretch of road between Shigaon in Palghar Taluka (Thane district) to Dhananinagar.

» Rajesh Vadhariya, Corporator Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation (Nanda Jethani)

» Construction of the Samaj Mandir, located at Vibson Tower in Ulhasnagar 2’s Panel No. 13.

» Construction of drainage lines and parapets in Sector 39 in Ulhasnagar.


» Obtained the approval of Rs. 5 crores for holding a Beach Festival in all four districts of the Konkan region. The objective of the festival is to provide an impetus to local customs and to create employment opportunities.

Namaskar, My Friends,

In July 2012, you elected me to the Konkan Graduate Constituency. However, much before the election process, i.e, during my college days itself, I was very active in working for society. I have organized several programmes in the fields of literature, arts and culture and education. Nevertheless, your huge contribution to my electoral victory has added a new dimension to my task. A whole new chapter on the path to redevelopment lies before me. I have a strong belief in development-oriented work. I have travelled extensively in the constituency and met several people. I tried to understand and analyze the problems of graduates, teachers and students. Accordingly, I began to initiate solutions. And the results are evident. This is a vindication of my work in the pursuit of development. Whilst engaged in this task, I stand firm on paying due respect to the urgent problems and to the basic needs of the Konkan region namely amenities, impetus to development works, fillip to the tourism sector, employment opportunities, and facilitation centres for the youth. My efforts will certainly bear fruit I am sure of this. Of course, I will always need your co-operation and blessings in this pursuit.

Henceforth too, we shall stay constantly in touch with each other. Do inform me about your problems and I also look forward to receiving genuine feedback about my work. I eagerly await your co-operation,

MLC Adv. Niranjan Davkhare Member, MLC, Konkan Graduate Constitutency.